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Rhymes to Re-Education

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Ramon introducin


Canada has been described as a beacon of multiculturalism, a country that values the diversity of its population. As such, how do we meaningfully and responsibly bring ‘culture’ into the classroom that is responsive and reflective of our student body? Enter Hip Hop -a leading cultural form of expression of young people, evident through student fashion and vernacular. Meshing the cultural elements of Hip Hop: DJing, MCing, Graffiti,  Breakdancing and Knowledge with Critical Pedagogy, we end up with Rhymes to Re-Education – a resource book that uses Critical Hip Hop Pedagogy as a foundation to instruction for students from K-12. On April 22, 2014 community workers, educators, Hip Hop enthusiasts, and academics came together to celebrate the launch Rhymes to Re-Education.



Check out a remarkable verse by SBL mentor Moose from the evening



Check out the Rhymes to Re-Education website and order a copy of the book!

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