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Summer 2011

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•    94 new grade 9 students registered in summer program, with 80 earning their first secondary school credit, a success rate of 85%.

•    An additional 12 students joined the program late and were ineligible for the credit, with all 12 expressing in a survey that they felt more prepared for secondary school as a result of SBL.

•    Of 106 students, 32% were transfer students, and 50% were referred to us due to social/personal/academic concerns from their schools, parents and/or community partners.

•    25 Mentors were employed full-time  (20 in the classroom environment and 5 in a documentary film training program).

•    Partnership with SkyWorks Films supporting 5 Mentors in the completion of two community focused documentaries.

•    Of the 25 Mentors: 15 were former Mentees and 10 Mentors were former volunteers.

•    30 Volunteers (Mentors-in-Training) contributed 1260 hours to the summer program.

•    14 Volunteers (Mentors-in-Training) were former Mentees, with 100% expressing goal of becoming an SBL Mentor.

•    Since 2010 we have worked with 11 TDSB teachers and 9 of that 11 had previously taught in the Jane-Finch community.

•    Of 11 teachers, 5 are from the Jane-Finch community.

•    6 of 7 SBL teachers were returning staff, with one new hire from Westview Centennial Secondary School.

•    In a research study done by Social Work Graduate students, 100% of SBL teachers surveyed indicated that teaching in the SBL Summer Program was transformational in their teaching practice, brought them closer to youth in the community, and encouraged innovation in their classroom.

•    2 former SBL/Westview students worked as dance instructors and paid facilitators in the program, delivering programming to youth participants.

•    Completed our first annual general meeting, adding four youth members to our board of directors.

successBLSummer 2011
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School year 2010-2011

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•    163 students were registered in the 2010 school year program, with many more dropping-in, seeking one-on-one supports, and/or attending one-time events.


•    16 of 20 mentors from the summer program continued employment as a mentor during the school year (the other 4 mentors graduated and moved on to post-secondary education.)


•    4 volunteers (Mentors-in-Training) were able to take on Mentor roles.


•    60 Westview students volunteered during the school year totaling over 9,000 hours.


•    Launched the March Break “Employment Readiness and Career Exploration Program” in partnership with Westview Centennial, which included 28 Westview students.
•    Engagement of York University students as tutors at Westview Centennial through our partnership with the Community Legal Aid and Services Programme (CLASP) at York University: 10 tutors completing 320 hours combined.


•    In partnership with Ontario’s Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth and the Art Gallery of York University, we celebrated the launch of  “The Life You Choose vs. The Life That Chooses You” Photovoice project, which included a full gallery showing and art installation, and a street postering campaign.


•    5 SBL students took part in the March Break Movie Making Madness Bootcamp offered by the Toronto International Film Festival and completed a short film.
•    4 SBL students took part in the TDSB Focus on Youth Leadership Retreat.


•    2 former Mentors worked with SBL as placement students totaling over 900 placement hours.


•    Operated as core members of the Inner City Advisory Committee, Education Attainment West, and the United Way Community of Practice on Youth Educational Attainment in 2010-11.


•    7 SBL students took part on a panel discussing dropout rates at “The Pulse of Education” hosted by Education Attainment West.


•    SBL Staff and a Mentor presented the SBL Model in Welland, Ontario at a forum on education.


successBLSchool year 2010-2011
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