Mentorship Relationships

Youth in our program enter grade 9 after 6-weeks with 20 Westview Mentors, 30 Westview student volunteers, 8 community connected TDSB teachers, the SBL staff team, and 99 other new grade 9’s.  These relationships smooth the transition into grade 9.









A healthy breakfast snack and a nutritious lunch are a part of each day for students. This supports their alertness and increases engagement in learning.









Students enjoy afternoon activities within York U facilities, which include swimming, dance, art, drama, sports and gaming.  Many of the activities are led by Mentors and youth from the community.


Class Size

Students enjoy a ratio of 1 teacher for 15 students. The in-class support is boosted by the presence of 3 Mentors in each class, which means 1 support for every 3-4 students. Mentors roles are to support differentiated learning.









Young professionals come in for our ‘Career Day’, Mentors run an annual ‘Play Day’, and we hold a full ‘Track Meet’. We also offer youth-led workshops on topics, which include “What’s High School Really Like?” and “Financial Literacy”.









On Fridays, the SBL summer program visits remarkable destinations across Toronto.  These field trips offer new experiences, build memories, strengthen bonds between students, and reward a week of dedicated learning.




In September, SBL students often remark, ‘I remember that from the summer’. The summer credit prepares them for the social and academic realities of grade 9.  They are also prepared for new levels of responsibility.








Buses bring students, Mentors, and volunteers to and from York University from three locations within the community (Brookview M.S., Oakdale Park M.S. and Firgrove P.S.) removing the barrier of accessibility for every student.








Students earn their first secondary school credit through the General Learning Strategies course, covering numeracy, literacy and life skills using content that is relevant to their lived experience, learning style, and personal interests.

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