• Tutoring: SBL Mentors, York University student volunteers, SBL staff, and Westview teachers are available in our after-school program to help students with homework, tests, and catching up on their classes. Tutoring takes place from Monday to Thursday, 3:30-5:30 at Westview.
  • Recreation: Students can participate in a wide-array of activities, including swimming, competitive sports, and martial arts.
  • Music: Through a variety of partnerships, which include Drum Artz, JustBGraphic, and Baddest Beats, SBL offers programming to students some of which include: samba drumming, dance, and music production.
  • Workshops: Youth-led workshops include photography, financial literacy, goal setting, healthy (and tasty) nutrition, spoken word poetry, positive relationships, and more.
  • Employment: Mentors are able to earn honorariums as they support students throughout the school year and bring leadership to the school environment. We also support students in resume writing, job interview preparation, building experience through volunteering, and providing reference letters.
  • Nutrition: Students are offered a healthy snack, which includes meal-preparation so that they learn how to make healthy, inexpensive meals.
  • Transportation: During the winter months when the sun sets earlier, students are provided with a school bus with stops from Jane and Sheppard to Jane and Steeles. This is to ensure a safe departure and arrival home.
  • Mentorship: As the core of the after-school program, this is the element that allows students to connect to Mentors (often older and more experienced), tutors and SBL staff, which fosters a space for lasting mentorship bonds and opportunity to share experiences and learnings.

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