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In response, to COVID-19 and the global pandemic, our work at SBL has pivoted to ensuring youth have the resources they need to succeed – both educationally and socially – during this difficult time. We are supporting young people in the following ways:
 Staying connected to youth through regular check-ins. Identifying needs and finding supports to meet those needs such as: food security; overall mental well being; and sharing some key information, along with supports, provided by the government.
 Helping our youth to complete their school work. School is already challenging, and now
having to work from home creates even more challenges for our youth. Some families
do not have access to a computer or internet. We are connecting with partners and funders
to help meet those needs and reduce the digital divide in our community. With a staff team committed to the success of our youth, we have identified young people in need of laptops and provided them to engage in digital learning; we have provided families with gift cards towards the purchase of basic necessities; and youth placed with SBL will receive their Co-op credits during this challenging time.
 We have taken our Youth Space online and created virtual programming all designed and
delivered by our youth leaders we call Mentors.
Other supports have included:
 Connecting with our alumni through the JF Innovation Hub
 Supporting youth with scholarships
 One on one tutoring
 Getting much needed resources to young people and their families
 Information sharing with agencies in the Black Creek community
We are also excited to announce the most recent additions to our Board of Directors. Joy
Gooding and Sophia Ruddock have strong commitments to improving the lives of our young people and we are happy to have these invaluable members on our board. At this time, we can appreciate the level of resilience we’ve seen from community members, residents and supporters like you. Let’s continue to stay safe and stay connected.

Thank you,
Success Beyond Limits

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