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Our second annual H&M partnership

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One of the external factors that affect youth in Jane and Finch is having access to consistent and quality employment. Through Civic Action, H and M and SBL were able to partner and work together to provide over thirty youth in the Jane and Finch community with employment. In addition, H and M has exposed our youth to group interviews and provided individualized feedback to each participants on their strengths and weaknesses! The collaboration between H and M and SBL has allowed youth in Jane and Finch to learn more about retail and fashion as a possible career choice, to develop their communication and team work skills, and most of all their confidence!

H and M has been accommodating and supportive of providing our youth with flexible and realistic work shifts in order for them to balance their academic studies and be successful in high school. Malik Mude, who is a current H and M employee and SBL participant and volunteer has said that “SBL’s collaboration with H and M has allowed me to get my first job which has helped me gain a lot of communication skills with people. I’ve also gained great work ethic and problem solving skills that I can use in my everyday life”. The partnership between H and M and SBL has been powerful and has allowed youth in our community to strive and receive for some their first employment experience.

successBLOur second annual H&M partnership