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SBL Goes To Harvard – Help Donate

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We are bringing 20 SBL youth mentors from Jane and Finch to visit Harvard University. Our trip will take place April 7-10 during the Black Policy Conference, which we’ll attend!
Your contributions will provide for:

 Transportation and accommodations for 25 youth mentors
 Campus tours for youth
 Visits with Harvard African American Student Groups
 Networking with current Harvard students and engage in conversations around topics generated by youth mentors
 Get a real sense of post-secondary life at an elite institution
 Registration to Harvard’s Black Policy Conference

Now is the perfect time for this amazing opportunity as two members of our SBL family are currently at Harvard. The Toronto connection is strong as graduate students Toni Morgan and Sam Tecle have been at Harvard since September. Toni is a graduate student in Harvard’s Education Department and Sam is a visiting PhD student from York’s Sociology Department and also a former SBL staff member!

Toni and Sam, both Toronto community workers, will serve as liaisons, tour guides and bridges for the youth to ensure they get the most out of their Harvard experience and their trip to Boston.

No contribution is too small!

Please visits our GoFundMe Page at:
successBLSBL Goes To Harvard – Help Donate