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Toota’s Contributions

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In 2013, Toota Hassanien came across a Success Beyond Limits info booth at York University and inquired about volunteer opportunities within the organization.  In those first few months as a volunteer, she tutored students, assisted with our after school program, and contributed to strengthening our evaluation efforts.  As summer approached – our most intense time for programming – she took on a seasonal role and made her mark as a part of the SBL team.  With the start of the school year she was successful in obtaining the role of After School Supervisor.

As all of our mentors, students, parents, partners, board members and team members are well aware, her contributions to the growth and impact of Success Beyond Limits have always been at a high level, and have been critical in so many of the positive steps we have taken.

Building on her York U degree in psychology, Toota went back to school in 2015 to complete a Human Resources certificate at Seneca.  This focus on expanding her knowledge and skills was applied directly to SBL where she engaged in building critical structures within the organization.  Her passion for evaluation and building a strong and resilient organization led to the formation of the role of Organizational Assistant, which she has operated in for the past year.

These accomplishments and contributions have been vital to SBL, but they are not what Toota has been most known and loved for.  She is always present and prepared to drop anything for someone that needs to talk and to be heard.  She has brought a positive presence into our space that reflects the welcoming and supportive place SBL strives to provide in the community.  Her heart is always dialed in to help and to be of assistance wherever needed.

As Toota takes these steps forward in her own professional growth, she will remain a part of the SBL family.  SBL will not be the same without Toota, but it is better because she has been a part of it.

successBLToota’s Contributions