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Great Collaborations lead to Great Opportunities… Continued

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In early April, SBL partnered with Civic Action and H&M Canada to provide a group of SBL youth with the opportunity to gain valuable employment experience. From the group of 10 youth that secured employment with H&M, 7 will continue learning & growing with H&M into the fall.

The students continuing with H&M were recognized for their contributions and achievements at H&M’s downtown office on September 15th. The H&M team put together an amazing evening of celebrating growth and partnerships, where every youth in the room felt valued and recognized.

H&M’s new campaign “________is Possible” attempts to instil confidence and convey the message that great things are indeed possible. This partnership exemplifies that #ANYTHINGISPOSSIBLE through great collaborations!

We are excited to continue this partnership into the new school year and provide this opportunity for many more youth.

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successblGreat Collaborations lead to Great Opportunities… Continued