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2 SBL Youth Get Accepted Into The Remix Project 12.0

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Success Beyond Limits acknowledges the wealth of the various talents in the Jane and Finch community, as many of our participants in the summer program become leaders in their own right. The Remix Project is dedicated to bringing out the business mind in young artists as part of their mission is to teach their participants how to make monetary gain from their respective crafts. SBL is proud to share with SBLers  that two of our students from the organization have been inducted into The Remix Project 2015!


Aliyah Suvannah-Burey and Sariena Luy who are both loyal affiliates of SBL, are well versed at what they do, as they perform in different artistic worlds. Aliyah, a former mentor of SBL is a spoken word artist, and is one of our facilitators for the Spoken Word program that we have after-school. Sariena, a grade 10 student is an up and coming photographer who is great at capturing the moment with her camera and has documented many of our SBL trips and events. Both Aliyah and Sariena have both been blessed with the opportunity to get involved with Remix as they will be able to invest in their passions, which can be a future source of income. When Aliyah was asked about how she felt about being inducted into the Remix Project she said that she realizes the hard work and dedication it will take to balance her job and studies at York University, but she is excited and is up for the challenge, when accepting the opportunity to be part of the Remix Project!


Aliyah and Sariena have worked hard to improve their skills through eagerly taking on any opportunities Success Beyond Limits brings their way. The SBL family commends the strides that they are making to get involved in the community, while utilizing their passions to inspire others. SBL also commends the empowering work of Remix, as they continue champion entrepreneurship and artistry in Toronto and beyond!




successBL2 SBL Youth Get Accepted Into The Remix Project 12.0