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Student Profile – Corrie

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Corrie Calliste is an intelligent African Canadian woman who is a vigorous athlete at Westview Centennial. Corrie is a powerful example of the reality of how student needs are diverse, and not every student is engaged in the same manner; as the needs of students must be intentionally considered when attempting to ensure their success. Corrie recalls that she was a shy and quiet person who was not doing well in school prior to her path crossing SBL’s. The lack of student engagement in the education system seemed to be something that immensely affected Corrie growing up in her middle school phase of the education system. Corrie being part of the summer program had been exposed to a more engaging atmosphere which has proven to be the catalyst to her having an enjoyable and successful high school experience. Currently in grade 10, Corrie recognizes that she has grown tremendously from a girl who was not interested in school to a young woman who takes pride in her educational experience as well as her performance. Corrie plans to study medicine with the intentions of being a medical doctor. SBL recognizes and encourages Corrie’s growth and cheering her on to keep on going! GO Corrie!

successblStudent Profile – Corrie