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Post-Secondary Education Workhops

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SBL has been in existence since 2010 and since that time hundreds of students have completed our various social and academic programs – all based on our our growth model where students progress from mentee (in 8th and 9th grade) to volunteer (in 10th grade) and to mentor in their latter years of high school. Students are supported by SBL just before the start of high school and throughout these important and formative years. The relationships staff have with SBL alumni does not end when students go on to Post-Secondary Education, many come back in various capacities (board members, paid tutors, volunteers, recreational staff, staff members).


On Saturday January, 4, 2014, SBL will bring together previous mentors that are now in college and university for a day full of workshops, food and fun activities. The purpose will be to explore some of the success and challenges that mentors have faced in their first year of post-secondary education. The day will focus on how SBL can further support their educational goals.  Workshops will be conducted that examine funding, time management, social life and networking, course load, and life after post-secondary education. The workshops will be facilitated by SBL teacher Samuel Tecle and SBL Teacher/Academic and Social Co-ordinator Tesfai Mengesha.

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