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Disappearing Acts

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Whitney Smith:¬†Westview’s grade 12 student body president who comes from humble beginnings is a fan of the fine arts. Her inspiration is derived from her family background, religion and neighbourhood. Here she expresses herself in one of her many poems.



Disappearing Acts:


They say conversation rule a nation

So I’ve been speaking since the day I was conceived

Slowly walking to the top grabbing my Grammy

With the achievement of being the realest

Disease of the rarest forms

Maryln Monroe with my discrepancy

Killing all my casualties

Poke a doted, artistically diverse

Standing out yet I’m sitting

Never been a minority

Muhammad Ali with my words

Knock em dead mercy killing

My rhymes come from the toilet

If its the s*** then I recite

Got haters praising my name blasphemy

Swear they care about me more than they do there own family.

Aristotle ain’t got s*** on me

Educationally increasing my success

Loving myself, narcissists yet I don’t own a mirror

Slowly hitting every bar a drunken girl

Maryln Manson on madness

Addicted to a certain kind of weather

White stuff all over Christmas

Chest beating passionately like the African drum

Try finding a reason to live

And stop worrying about what I do

Find logic in your existence

Underestimated for I’m the one to be exalted

Sipping with the riches

Omnipresent for I haven’t left my living room

Moving mountains

A visage of people who call themselves my friend

Folding all these enemies like origami

Motivated to create a difference in the world

Inspired to be apart of the 1%

To tarnish the gap between the rich and poor

So that the working class will be able to live

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