Our Vision

A collaborative, youth-led, community based movement that provides youth with holistic supports to complete their education and experience success in their lives.

Our Mission

To improve educational outcomes, expand possibilities, and support youth in Jane and Finch along their individual paths to success.

Graduation Model

Success Beyond Limits exists to provide youth with the opportunity to progress from where ever they are to where ever they want to be.  This is reflected in our programming, in which Mentees become Mentors-in-training, then become Mentors, who go on to play a variety of roles within our organizations (as tutors, co-op students and board members), eventually making contributions to the broader community.

Our Values

Youth-led: Everything we do aspires to and is designed for establishing youth ownership of SBL by engaging and responding to the voices of youth. Youth are involved in our governance, as well as planning, adjusting, and delivering programming.

Collaborative: The common ground of success in education for our youth is where we meet with individuals, organizations, agencies, institutions and movements.

Community Based: Our focus, mandate and staffing are community-based, community-focused, and community-empowered.

Flexibility: All of our programming stays flexible in order to respond to the voice of the youth and their changing needs.

Our Program Model

Our focus is to reduce the impact of external factors that negatively affect the educational success of youth in Jane-Finch.  We operate a 6-week summer program that offers credits, mentorship, youth employment, enrichment, nutrition, engagement, graduation, and relationship building.

We continue our support through our presence within Westview Centennial Secondary School, where we operate a youth space.  Through this space, our staff support youth during the school day, run an after-school program, and connect youth to an array of  diverse opportunities.

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