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Spotlight Profile: Tesfai Mengesha

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We take the time to share the work we do, but we don’t always tell the story behind WHO does this amazing work. Each month we will touch on a different staff, youth, partner that makes all this possible.  Meet Tesfai Mengesha – educator, community worker and graduate student.  Tesfai’s role currently is Academic and Social Co-ordinator, where he makes use of his deep passion for issues surrounding equity and education while connecting youth to opportunities to support their success.
Tesfai is currently completing his Masters of Education at York University where he is examining how curriculums and classrooms can be more inclusive, critical and relevant to today’s students. In partnership with TDSB Equity and Inclusive Schools Department, Tesfai was part of a collective of writers who authored Rhymes to Re-education (2014), which is a book providing teachers with units, lessons and best practices that span the breadth of Ontario’s K-12 curriculum.  Growing up, studying and now working in the Jane and Finch community, Tesfai has deep intimate knowledge of the barriers and challenges faced in Toronto’s educational system bringing a wealth of knowledge of the ways equity can be met despite these challenges.  #Growingtogether – #ourstories #ourstrengths

successBLSpotlight Profile: Tesfai Mengesha