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Helping Readers Who Really Struggle

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For the past three months, Success Beyond Limits staff Mohamed Ahmed, Tesfai Mengesha and Shanaz Ali who are also certified teachers participated in a 3-day module called Helping Readers Who Really Struggle, a PLC training session. This grassroots initiative aims to help secondary Westview students that are struggling with reading and to provide effective strategies to support students that are not reading at their appropriate grade level. The strategies and activities that have been taught to the SBL staff members will be utilized in the SBL after-school program. More specifically during the daily homework club program in order to help struggling readers build the fundamental reading skills needed to achieve academic success. This is one of our many ways of getting involved with Westview’s culture by collaborating with other teachers in the building who do great work in supporting the students who need it most.

successBLHelping Readers Who Really Struggle