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Head Start Day at Westview

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On September 2, the doors of Westview Centennial Secondary School were open to hundreds of grade 9 students for Head Start Day. Head Start Day gives students the opportunity to learn about what their high school experience will look like and where students receive their first high school timetables! Many students were excited and some anxious about high school were happy to see the Success Beyond Limits staff, mentors and volunteers in the main entrance of Westview C.S.S. greeting them with warm smiles and well wishes for the day. While Head Start Day serves as an orientation for grade 9 students, it’s also a time for students and the SBL staff, mentors and volunteers to reminisce about the fun summer program that just past, while expanding and building upon those relationships into the school year at Westview. It’s also a time to meet new students who were not able to attend our summer program, but who were the nevertheless eager to register for the Success Beyond Limits school year program at Westview. We are excited and look forward to what will come this school year!

successblHead Start Day at Westview