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McKinsey Youth Leadership Fourm

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On Friday April 25th and Saturday April 26th, students from all over the GTA gathered together at the Mckinsey office in downtown Toronto for a day of leadership development and skill building at Mckinsey’s annual Youth Leadership Forum (YLF).


Over the course of these two days students made connections with other youth leaders from around the city and even business professionals from Mckinsey.

Youth were also required to brainstorm solutions to a practical scenario, where they worked collaboratively and applied their own unique experiences and expertise. Motivational speakers from Mckinsey and other organizations such as Habitat for Humanity were brought in to inspire the youth and guide them through this educational experience.


Khadar Abukar, a Success Beyond Limits (SBL) youth who was one of the students accepted into the YLF states “This forum taught me to be more confident in my self and in my abilities. No problem is too big and that if you collaborate with others it makes tackling a problem that much easier.”


Mohamed Ibrahim, another SBL youth who attended the YLF shared a similar sentiment and went on to state, “I learned that there are a lot of people that feel and think the way I do that are from different communities. This made me feel confident in myself that there are others that also want good for their community.”


Mohamed and Khadar are both eager to take the knowledge and skills gained from this forum and apply it to their everyday experiences, building on the skills that they tapped into during this initiative.


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