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The School Day at Westview

The SBL staff team is present during the school day at Westview Centennial Secondary School in the SBL Youth Space, within the Westview Student Centre, to provide students with a space that belongs to them and offers supports tailored to meet their needs.



After School Program

Tutoring: SBL Mentors, York University student volunteers, SBL staff, and Westview teachers are available in our after-school program to help students with homework, tests, and catching up on their classes. Tutoring takes place from Monday to Thursday, 3:30-5:30 at Westview.



Summer Program @ York U

Youth in our program enter grade 9 after 6-weeks with 20 Westview Mentors, 30 Westview student volunteers, 8 community connected TDSB teachers, the SBL staff team, and 99 other new grade 9’s.  These relationships smooth the transition into grade 9.



EXPOSE Program Stream

The city of Toronto abounds with conferences, events, networking opportunities, and remarkable talent.



EXPOSE: Photography

10 youth in the SBL program took part in a photovoice project in partnership with the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth (OPACY) and the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU).  The project was developed through a youth-led, train-the-trainer, participatory action research model that gave youth the power to use a camera to speak about their school and community, and to develop photography and media literacy skills that they could teach other youth.



March Break “Employment Readiness and Career Exploration” Program

Even with the wide-range of needs present in the lives of young people, one of the most common requests for assistance from youth is the need for employment.




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New Location and New Space

        Although memories of past summers evoke images of our old location, Stong College, Success Beyond Limits is forging ahead with new memories at our new home, Osgoode Hall Law School.                

SBL Summer 2012 Graduation *Video*

The culmination of a successful and fun filled summer leads to our annual graduation slideshow.  Here is the SBL Summer 2012 Graduation Slideshow.

Unity Break Dancing

SBL mentees (students) spending the afternoon united under the banner of Hip Hop as B-Boys and B-Girls dancing to breakbeats.  Collaborating with Unity Break Dancing , SBL mentees are given the opportunity to showcase their talents.  Dead Prez said it best “it’s bigger than Hip Hop.”