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Nana Tieku – From Mentorship to Governance

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In 2008, Nana transferred to Westview Centennial to start grade 11 as a Wildcat, playing for the school’s soccer team. His aspiration was to be a professional soccer player. As the season progressed, he began to lose his interest in playing soccer and was left wondering what the future had in store for him.


During this time, Nana had come across the SBL program and was looking
for employment. He applied and was successful in becoming a Mentor. It was in his role as a Mentor that Nana came to the realization that working with youth was his passion. He was motivated by seeing that his
outgoing and positive personality allowed him to build lasting relationships
with other youth.


Going into his final year of secondary school, Nana was focused on
accomplishing his goal of attending college to pursue an education in social
work. After graduating from Westview, he was accepted into the social
work program at George Brown.

During his second year of study, his journey came full circle when he landed as a placement student with SBL. In his new role, Nana continued to mentor youth, conducted workshops, met with teachers to advocate for students, and started his own program.
In a short time, Nana flourished as a youth leader and is now a member of the SBL Board where he plays an important role in bringing forward a youth voice to the decision making process, while building his own capacity. As a graduate of George Brown, he will begin his pursuit of a degree in sociology at York University.

successBLNana Tieku – From Mentorship to Governance