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Mariah & Precilla – Building a Career from a Passion

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Mariah came into SBL as a mentee, fresh out of grade 8, nervous and
excited about entering secondary school. That summer, she built bonds and
connections to other students, mentors, and SBL staff.

Over the course of the following two school years, Mariah moved from
grade a 9 attending tutoring sessions where she was being mentored and was
participating in enrichment activities, to volunteering and supporting other

Outside of SBL, Mariah and her friend Priscilla took advantage of the
remarkable dance program at Westview to make the most of their passion
for dance. While SBL offered dance once a week, this was not enough for
this duo, as they were taking their craft seriously and were practicing daily.
Through performances at Westview, in the community, and throughout the
city, it became clear that they had a gift – one that they could share.

This past summer, Mariah and Priscilla were hired by the SBL summer
program as dance instructors. They instructed over 100 students for 6
weeks, choreographing routines and getting even the most reluctant youth
off the wall in their sessions.

SBL will continue to stand behind Mariah and Priscilla in their vision of building a career in dance, and their goal of starting a small business that will lead into opening a dance school.

successBLMariah & Precilla – Building a Career from a Passion

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